The newly installed wastewater treatment system includes:

  • Wastewater recovery piping and process control valves
  • Stainless steel header piping
  • Metal building housing a Gorman-Rupp solids wastewater pump, acid injection system, sprinkler system water pump, and electrical breakers and components.
  • In-line process valves for controlling, measuring, and diverting flow of water
  • Safety monitoring and warning alarm system​

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​As part of the project AERG prepared all the design drawings and supported the client in obtaining all applicable state and local permits for the installation of the system.​


Due to an increase in load,a large rendering facility needed more reduction in the BOD of their discharge wastewater before it could be sent to the city.

The client contracted AE Resources Group, Inc., (AERG) to design and build a wastewater retention pond with a metering building and pH adjustment capabilities.   AERG designed and installed a 120 million gallon wastewater lagoon with an impermeable base liner.  Under the lagoon is a leak detection system.  After the required amount of retention time, water is pumped through a metering building using a Gorman-Rupp solids pump where the water is measured for flow and pH.  Using an acid injection system correct pH is maintained at all times for water being discharged to city services.

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