AERG has designed and installed several fully automated, demand-based, biogas-natural gas fuel blending system to supply fuel to  boilers.  With this cost effective fuel blending system the biogas and natural gas are blended together at a defined ratio before being utilized in the boiler.  Instead of converting the boiler to utilize biogas with a new fuel train, the existing fuel train will be retrofitted with redundant safety valves, flow control valves, and intake air controls.  In addition, an oxygen sensor is installed in the exhaust stack of the boiler and an auto-trip option to control the air fuel ratio enable the boiler to operate more efficiently.

Our blending control system can handle a wide range of biogas / natural gas mixture ratios supplied to the boiler.  This simple and cost effective system eliminates the need for an alternate biogas fuel train for the boiler.  A custom-built programmable logistic controller (PLC) operates the entire system and provides fuel modulation based on biogas availability and steam demand.  In addition, the boiler will automatically switch over to natural gas if there is not sufficient biogas available or due to a biogas system shutdown.  The system operating variables and performance data are stored in the PLC for future reference.   

  • Pressure, psig - Compressed to 90 psig
  • Temperature - 120 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Methane, CH4 - 98%
  • Carbon Dioxide, CO2 - 2%
  • Hydrogen Sulfide, H2S - <4.0 ppm
  • Water/moisture - <7.0 lb/MM scf
  • High Heating Value - 990 Btu/cubic feet

Production of pipeline quality natural gas from biogas is achieved by utilizing a patented and propriety technology developed from proven Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology.  This technology has been modified specifically to treat biogas.  The system removes the contaminants to produce pipeline quality gas in an easily operated, fully automated system with very low maintenance.  These systems are noted for high reliability, unattended operation, and environmental friendliness.  This system can be installed where the influent biogas flow is as little as 100 scfm to as high as 2,000 scfm.  Biogas is purified to the following pipeline quality specifications:

AERG has extensive experience in the design and installation of anaerobic lagoons to treat high strength wastewater from meat processing facilities. Those include cattle, poultry, hog, and rendering facilities. We also have experience with anaerobic digestion to produce biogas from and fruit/vegetable facilities, and breweries. Proper lagoon construction is essential to ensure protection of ground water resources as well as to provide a system that will operate effectively for several years. AERG’s construction activities include:

AERG has installed several HDPE lined anaerobic lagoons and floating cover systems for capturing biogas from anaerobic lagoons.  The floating cover system placed on the top of the lagoon captures the biogas produced by the lagoon. The edges of the floating cover system are anchored along the top of the berm to provide a gas tight seal.  Main components of our floating cover system are:

  • Installation of conveyance piping to blowers, compressors, boilers, flares, or generators
  • Properly designed blowers and compressors
  • Health and safety monitoring equipment
  • Biogas conditioning equipment for filtering and condensate removal
  • Drying of biogas by a glycol chiller
  • Mechanical installation with stainless steel and gas tight valves
  • Emergency flare
  • Boiler conversion with fuel blending
  • System controls with PLC and data storage

Fuel Blending

Anaerobic Lagoons

  • Regulatory interaction and permit acquisition
  • Site preparation
  • Excavation and grading
  • Leak detection systems
  • Installation of influent and effluent wastewater structures and piping
  • Synthetic (HDPE) or clay liner
  • Sludge removal system
  • Startup of the anaerobic lagoon
  • Storm water management
  • OSAH certified and safety trained experts for work with biogas
  • Large-scale pre-designed 100 mil HDPE geomembrane panels joined together  by thermal welding
  • Securing the edges of the floating cover system into an anchor trench along the berm
  • Ballasting/weight tubes placed along the cover to provide stability, gas accumulation pockets, and storm water removal points
  • Adjustable passive emergency venting in the event of power loss
  • Repairs to existing covers

Biogas Recovery

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Biogas collected beneath the floating cover system can be used as a fuel source or flared-off as it is produced. AERG provides the following services for biogas recovery and utilization:

Floating Covers