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The biogas is treated using technology developed from proven Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) systems, modified specifically to treat biogas.  The key feature of the PSA system is the ability to remove H2S, CO2, and water vapor in one step.  Also, the hardware is generic and can be easily serviced by local mechanics.  Spare parts are readily available and can be replaced with minimal downtime.  These systems are noted for their high reliability, unattended operation, and environmental friendliness as well as the ability to produce pipeline quality natural gas.  
As part of the project AERG prepared all the design drawings and supported the client in obtaining all applicable State and local permits for the installation of the system.  
The newly installed biogas utilization system includes:  

  • Biogas recovery piping and process control valves Stainless steel above ground piping
  • Biogas conditioning system to remove moisture and impurities from biogas
  • Fully integrated in-line flame arrestors, process controlling and monitoring transmitters, flow control devices and meters, heat exchangers, and electric actuator valves.
  • Safety monitoring and warning alarm system
  • Allen-Bradley PLC to control and monitor all system operations
  • Fully metered demand-based biogas-natural gas fuel blending system to supply fuel main natural gas supply line into the plant  

After startup, the client was able to reduce their natural gas purchased from the city by approximately 65-85% per month.  This is a fantastic use for gas that was being burned at a flare prior to project completion.  By installing the biogas cleaning system the client has reduced their C02 emissions and are saving thousands of dollars each month on natural gas purchasing. 


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A large poultry producer in the US wanted to lower their natural gas costs and add to their green credit porfolio.  Their facility located in Moultrie, Georgia contains an onsite wastewater treatment system which treats all the wastewater streams generated by the facility.  The wastewater is initially treated in an anaerobic lagoon followed by an aeration system. The existing anaerobic lagoon is covered with a floating cover system and the captured methane gas was burned in a candle-stick flare.    
The client contracted AE Resources Group, Inc., (AERG) to design and build a biogas recovery system so that the captured biogas could be utilized in their boiler and other devices fueled by natural gas instead of being flared.   AERG designed and installed a fully-automated, PLC controlled biogas treatment system.