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Following the startup of the new anaerobic lagoon, a floating cover biogas recovery system was installed.  A small biogas recovery system that was attached to the existing 10 MG capacity anaerobic lagoon was completely abandoned and new biogas recovery system capable of recovering the biogas from both anaerobic lagoons was installed.  The recovered biogas is used to fuel a bone dryer and boiler at the site.   The newly installed biogas recovery system includes:

• HDPE floating cover system, ballast tubes & emergency vents

• Biogas recovery piping and valves

• Storm water removal from the floating cover system

• Concrete block building, two 9 stage centrifugal blowers  

• Emergency flare system • Hydrogen sulfide scrubber system

• Electrical controls and PLC system

• Safety monitoring and warning alarm system 

The client contracted AE Resources Group, Inc., (AERG) to design/build a new anaerobic lagoon to increase the anaerobic treatment capacity followed by a biogas recovery system.  AERG designed and installed a 25 Million Gallon (MG) capacity anaerobic lagoon adjacent to the existing 10 MG anaerobic lagoon.  

A large cattle producer needed a solution to their growing wastewater and biogas needs.  Their facility in Grand Island, Nebraska slaughters approximately 5,800 head of cattle per day.  The waste water streams generated by the facility were treated on-site by a single anaerobic lagoon.  The wastewater leaving the existing anaerobic lagoon is pumped into the City of Grand Island wastewater treatment system for further treatment.  Increased production caused the need for additional water treatment & installation of a new anaerobic lagoon.  

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The newly installed anaerobic lagoon was designed and installed in such a way that these two lagoons are operating in series to increase the holding time and biogas production.  As part of the project AERG prepared all the design drawings and obtained applicable State and local permits for the installation of for anaerobic wastewater treatment lagoon and biogas recovery system.  The new wastewater treatment system includes:

• Double lined HDPE lagoon

• Sludge removal system

• Leak detection system

• Influent and effluent piping and valves

• Influent and effluent structures

• Storm water lift station