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AERG also has experience with federal grant programs.  AERG supported the client in obtaining local permits as well as a grant from the Mississippi Development Authority for this renewable energy project.  In addition to the environmental stewardship this renewable energy, green project saves money by utilizing the biogas produced by the anaerobic lagoon in their boiler to produce steam for daily operations.

AERG specializes in optimizing existing biogas systems, fuel blending, and retro-fitting existing biogas systems.  A large poultry producer in Mississippi contracted AERG to design and build a biogas recovery system so the captured biogas could be utilized in their boiler instead of being flared.  AERG designed and installed a fully-automated, PLC controlled biogas utilization system.  This system included above and below ground piping, construction of a block building, and installation of two blowers.  Also, a fully metered demand based biogas-natural gas fuel blending system was installed to supply fuel to one of the existing 600 HP blowers.