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Licensed in many states, we have extensive experience in the biogas and anaerobic waste water field.  Engineered drawings, consulting, and economic feasibility studies are just a few areas of expertise.

Biogas Recovery and Utilization

Anaerobic Lagoons

Specialists in the biogas field, AERG has been involved in the environmental engineering field for over a decade.  We design, build, and install biogas recovery systems from anaerobic waste water treatment.  Our technical team is among the most qualified in the industry with hands on, real world experience.  By providing design and building services we can provide solutions to a wide range of issues.

Our projects have won state and national awards for environmental excellence and benefit to the environment as well as providing an economically feasible payback for the client.  Contact us today to see how your systems could be improved.

As design and build experts, AERG can assist you in creating the perfect anaerobic digestion lagoon for your application.  From synthetic and clay liners to floating covers, we do it all.

Let us show you how biogas produced by an anaerobic waste water lagoon can be used to power your facility.  Stop sending that high BTU fuel to a flare and reap the financial rewards as well as an eco-friendly carbon benefit with pipeline quality methane.

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​AERG is an environmental engineering and consulting firm.  We specialize in cleaning biogas from anaerobic waste water lagoons to pipeline quality methane.  If you are looking for new construction or upgrading an existing system our team can help you.  We provide assistance with planning, permitting, and all stages of construction and installation.

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